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Thought of the day...Where was the outrage back then?

Many of have been frustrated at Pat Haden for what many see as his placating and appeasing the NCAA.

I would have preferred a more vigorous PR campaign that would and could correct many of the story lines that are either flat out wrong of completely misinformed. I think he could have done that while being respectful to the NCAA.

Not doing so has allowed the media's "narrative" to remain unchecked. People like Matt Hayes and Pat Forde clearly have not read all of documents pertaining to the case.

Would a vigorous PR campaign change how the NCAA ultimately ruled?

Probably not.

A more vigorous PR campaign though, could differentiate where USC was lax in its compliance department while also setting the story straight as to what actually happened. It is delicate balance but I am sure that someone as accomplished as Pat Haden could have navigated through it. I mean, high-powered business executives know how to multi-task right?

It is hard to know what is in Pat Haden's head. No one will question his being a great Trojan. Haden has done it on and off the field in representing the school, that is difficult to dispute.

I have a hard time believing that Haden didn't know all the inner workings of what was going on while he was on the Board of Trustees. That includes USC's handling of the Bush and Mayo allegations when those separate story lines broke all the way to the hiring of Lane Kiffin. Someone who is that deeply dug in has to know what is going on right?

Pat Haden has repeatedly said that USC "didn't do it right". I don't feel like rattling all of it off, but that rubs many USC fans and alums the wrong way.

So, why is Haden so vocal about it now?

Yes, as the AD he has to be the voice of the program. But in being on the BOT he has a vested interest in protecting the image of the program anytime that something comes up. Where were his comments when this all broke in 2006?

I realize that he can't go back in time, but is Haden willing to say the same sort of things about past transgressions like he does about present day transgressions?

Somebody pointed me to this...

(in response to another commenter)

You imply that you've got inside knowledge about the admin's opinion over this Bush mess. Assuming that's true, here's something I don't get...

I've never heard Haden ever, ever mention his USC playing days with remorse, shame, etc. over the ticket scalping scandal where dozens of his teammates were bought off by the school itself. I've never heard him claim to be "sickened" by it. Sickened by Goux. Disgusted by McKay. If you have, I stand corrected. IIRC, he described his playing days rather fondly during ND broadcasts. Fondly about his USC coaches and teammates.

But those NCAA violations were FAR worse than the Bush scandal. It involved a coach (although he jumped on the grenade to save others) who gave $$$ directly to players. Lots of them. Over 30 at least.

So, isn't it hypocritical to be so judgmental about the Bush violations without being equally harsh about violations while he was playing? Or, would he not want to throw his former coach, teammates, etc. under the bus like that.

Marv Goux's transgressions took place between 1971 and 1979.

Pat Haden was there during that time and those actions put a black mark on the program.

So, I am wondering where was Pat Haden commenting on this when this situation came to light?

Maybe because it was his legacy that he wants to protect.

I don't want want to defame the memory of the great Marv Goux, but like the comment above the NCAA's rules (no matter how out of touch many think they are) what Marv Goux did was far more egregious than what Bush or Mayo did.

I understand times have changed...people tend to soften their views on things as time goes on. I also understand that Haden was not AD back then, he wasn't on the hook for compliance and I realize that he was not the voice leading the athletic department, but he was the face of the program that many people pointed to with pride.

He was USC's fair haired boy!

Bad behavior is bad behavior, so I wonder where his outrage was back then. Haden's legacy was tarnished as much as anyone else back then. Why didn't he defend his honor?

Look, I get it, Pat Haden was dealt a bad hand in taking the AD job, there is no question about it. He has to clean up a pretty big mess. He has to do it in the era of the "new" media and the 24-hour news cycle where everyone is looking to break the story first.

That's a tough task at hand.

It just seems a little odd that he is so quick to throw this era of USC under the bus and not recognize the things that went on when he was at USC.

Some will think this is a reach, fine, but if Pat Haden is the face of the program then he has to be all in.

I really thought Haden would do it differently...heck, we all did!

Even though many of us think he isn't eminently qualified to be the AD, I thought his accepting the position would provide a steady hand in guiding USC through these rough times. Instead Haden is alienating the very people that have walked hand in hand with this storied program.

USC didn't cheat...they had lax compliance. They had a player in Bush take benefits from some would-be marketers not a school booster. They had a player in Mayo cleared by BOTH the Pac-10 and the NCAA because of all the rumors surrounding his past. USC under Mike Garrett may not have done a number of things right in all of this...but they did the right thing with regards to getting Mayo cleared (even though Guillory NEVER should have been allowed on campus) and they still got hammered.

The NCAA had an is what is, even if we disagree with it. Regardless, USC isn't as bad as Haden is painting them out to be.

I am just amazed that someone of Pat Haden's intelligence and standing can't see that....