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Cal State Fullerton's Dave Serrano is heading to Tennessee

Why does this matter?

Because it is pretty clear that Pat Haden didn't interview him to at least take a shot...

Serrano, 46, returns to the program where he had his first Division I job as an assistant coach between 1995 and 1996. His first trip to Omaha came with the 1995 Vols featuring Todd Helton and R.A. Dickey. He is one of 11 coaches to take two different programs to the College World Series and has a career record of 289-139-1 in seven seasons as a Division I coach.

He led UC Irvine to the 2007 CWS in his third season, and he led Cal State Fullerton to Omaha in 2009.

"After an overwhelming 24 hours of events, I have made the decision to leave a great program at Cal State Fullerton to take on the challenge of returning the University of Tennessee to a spot among the nation's elite," Serrano said. "While this decision was not an easy one, it makes it a little easier to say yes when you have an entire family completely in support for you."

Anyone else think Serrano might have been interested in leading the most storied program in college baseball history?

The guy is a winner...I have no doubt that he would have done great things at USC.

If Haden had only conducted the thorough coaching search that he promised...