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Conquest Chronicles Links for 6/13/11

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Here are some links from over the weekend and throughout today...

USC football: Q+A with Monte Kiffin (Part 1) - The Orange County Register
Our series of question-and-answer sessions with USC assistant coaches resumes with the elder statesman of the staff, Monte Kiffin.

Barkley to make the rounds - ESPN Los Angeles
USC quarterback Matt Barkley will be appearing across ESPN's platforms Tuesday, doing a run through the Bristol, Conn. facilities.

Checking in with Nikola Vucevic - ESPN Los Angeles
The whispers started just about as soon as Nikola Vucevic announced he was going pro back in mid-March, nine days after USC was eliminated in the First Four of the NCAA Tournament by VCU.

Blame Mike Garrett, not Pete Carroll - The Orange County Register
Former USC coach Pete Carroll has taken some flak in recent days for not doing more to police his football program, which eventually landed on probation.

How hot is Rick Neuheisel’s seat? - The Orange County Register
It is not hot at all...who would they get to replace him. Not a big name under the cash strapped UC system...

SPORTSbyBROOKS " Delany’s Failure To Monitor Exposes OSU Coverup
It has taken nothing short of on-the-record, documented evidence of NCAA violations against the Ohio State football program to produce what is rapidly becoming one of the biggest scandals in college sports history.

Are Ohio State, USC too big to be hurt by NCAA penalties? -
Major athletic programs like Ohio State can rebound from NCAA sanctions fairly quickly. In a way they are too big to fail.

NCAA president Emmert calls for Division I leaders retreat -
Leaders from about 50 Division I universities will gather for a two-day retreat with NCAA President Mark Emmert this summer. Looks like Emmert is trying to put the fire out. He is on the run...