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"The Appeal" Links for 5/26

Lots of stories out there today with the OFFICIAL release of the ruling today...

I haven't read them all. I agree with some of what I read...disagreed with others. You be the judge...

- - -

Rant and rage, USC fans, then move on - Ted Miller
First things first. USC fans, you have a right to be outraged by the NCAA infractions appeals committee decision to uphold all penalties against the Trojans football program.

USC Trojans 'vehemently' disagree with appeal ruling - ESPN Los Angeles
The appeal to reduce sanctions denied and the Trojans will not be able to participate in a Pac-12 title game or a bowl game.

USC ruling paints NCAA into corner for UNC, Ohio State cases - Andy Staples
"I don't make the rules, ma'am. I just think them up and write them down." -- Eric Cartman

Trojans never stood a chance after taking NCAA's best shot - Bryan Fischer
USC's appeal of the NCAA's sanctions proves predictably fruitless. Despite the penalty not seeming to fit the crime, USC has no option but to fight on as the players of today pay for the sins of yesterday, Bryan Fischer says.

Battered USC program must get over it, focus on future - Dennis Dodd
USC's battle with the NCAA is effectively over, and the men of Troy lost. Now, Dennis Dodd says, the challenge is for Lane Kiffin and the heavily sanctioned program to patiently soldier through the program's rough patch.

NCAA strong-armed tactics comical - The OCR
Yes, the punishment was and — we finally now know — will remain excessive for the USC football program.

Bowl ban ‘could’ affect Barkley’s NFL decision - The OCR
If he were to leave USC after his junior year, quarterback Matt Barkley would have only one bowl game on his résumé: the 2009 Emerald Bowl.

USC fans should view NCAA ruling on appeal as 'get on with it' moment - Chris Dufresne
Trojans fans can argue that USC was treated too harshly by the NCAA, but not that it got treated for systemic issues.