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Boise State Steps Up To The Big Leagues

Well, here's a how-do-you-do. As noted on Stewart Mandel's twitter stream, Boise State is in the midst of a NCAA imbroglio of their own. The crux of it, as reported in the Idaho Statesman, is that players were letting recruits take rides, eat with them, and crash in their rooms. All very budget conscious, but by Boise State's own admission, not exactly compliant.

Here's the kicker: the final straw was a women's tennis violation:

In 2010, women’s tennis coaches provided an incoming student-athlete with impermissible educational expenses and entertainment, conducted impermissible practice sessions and permitted the athlete to compete prior to enrollment.

Now the NCAA is calling it lack of institutional control.

Does this sound very familiar all of a sudden? There's more than one path to success, Boise State, don't follow us unless you know for sure that your AD Gene Bleymeier can nail the "OMG HATERZZ!!!" response.