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"Interim" Coach Frank Cruz is now USC's full-time baseball coach

This development is a little odd to me. USC is 20-28 since Cruz took over...I know he took over a bit of a mess but how does that merit a promotion?

Cruz, an assistant at USC in the glory days of the 1990s, inherited a program that was 39-102 in Pac-10 play the previous four years and finished last in the conference last season. The Trojans are currently 10-11 in Pac-10 play and on course to their best conference finish since 2005.

My concern is that Haden pulled the trigger a little too fast...not that he waited too long.

No disrespect to Cruz, but if he was such big deal during USC's "glory days" then why didn't he get the job when Garrett fired Gillespie?

Don't even get me started on that mess...

Why not see who might become available after the season is over?

There is a picture on RipsIt with the cation..."Cruz has helped restore the pride to the program."

Can somebody please tell me how? I am willing to be convinced that this was the right move, but I want to know what Cruz has done to restore the pride back in the program. That is VERY tall order when you consider the programs history.

Tell me why this is a great hire....