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And the NCAA thought USC was arrogant?

Sometimes you just have to shake your head in disbelief.

MANY thought that USC getting hammered had more to do with the supposed arrogant stance the school took than the actual infractions committed.

As I noted earlier this week Jim Tressel is digging in trying to keep his job...he is so committed that he hired a former NCAA investigator now in private practice to represent him. I really don't have a problem with that as anyone should be able to pick who they want to represent them in legal proceedings. If you can afford the best then I see no reason why you can't hire the best.

That being said, the recent comments made by Gene Marsh (Tressel's legal representative) spew their own form of arrogance...along with a serious helping of misinformation.

Brooks has it...

Marsh served on the NCAA infractions committee for nine years and also represented Alabama in "several major infraction cases" as the school’s "faculty representative."

In his recent comments to the Dispatch, Marsh came off as a remarkably insular soul who highlights just how rotten to the core the NCAA investigatory and penalty phase process has become. Below are some of Marsh’s incoherent and borderline bewildering rantings about facing the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions:

Marsh: "This is a serious matter with serious people involved. They are not going to get all jazzed up or get their head turned by some dot-com writer somewhere."

Me (Brooks): Apparently Marsh hasn’t heard of Yahoo Sports, the "dot-com" that singlehandedly took down the USC football program, the UConn basketball program and is the only reason Jim Tressel needed a lawyer to answer to his NCAA violations in the first place. Yahoo Sports also broke the news that Oregon had paid a street agent $25,000 for his "recruiting services" in a case now being investigated by the NCAA. And then there’s the sordid NCAA tale of Cam and Cecil Newton, which was broken by

Lets stop right there.

I have my own issues with Yahoo's reporting, it is well documented here. But for all I thought that Cole and Robinson got wrong with regards to Tim Floyd they got a lot of it right with regards to Reggie Bush.

The NCAA's WHOLE case against USC was basically taken from Yahoo's stories on the subject...the right, the wrong and even the fabricated.

Reasonable people can see that the NCAA is woefully outgunned when it comes to investigation and enforcement. The way they spliced the Bush story together showed us that, so to read Marsh's marginalization of the DOT-COM crowd, who were way out in front of these stories is laughable at the least, tragic at the worst.

Marsh may be an insider and that is what Tressel is counting on, but his comments make the NCAA look even worse than they already are...I mean really, the COI is more worried about body language than the actual evidence of the case?

There is no way Tressel escapes a guilty verdict on 10.1 violation...If he does then the fix is in.

Enough said...