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USC and 2012 commit Katin Reinhardt part ways

Hard to know the real story here but USC and Katin Reinhardt won't be working together in 2012...

Tuesday, Reinhardt and his father, Ernie, called USC coach Kevin O'Neill and expressed a desire to re-open his recruitment, hoping to keep the Trojans in the mix but also consider other schools. They received a different response than they expected, O'Neill telling them USC would no longer consider Reinhardt as a potential recruit.

"Our comment to him was we want to make sure that USC is the right fit in all aspects for Katin," Ernie Reinhardt said by phone. "With that comment I thought they would continue to pursue Katin to reassure that USC was the right fit.

"So when they said USC wasn't going to recruit him anymore, we were surprised."

I can see Kevin O'Neill's side here...Reinhardt made a commitment, however early, and O'Neill expected him to honor the commitment. Reinhardt's sudden interest in testing the waters could be seen as a big red flag to O'Neill so why bother?

Some see this as O'Neill letting his ego get in the know, if you're not with us you're without us, etc.

I am on record as to not being the biggest KO fan but I can see his position so I am not willing to hammer him...yet. I mean its not like players are beating down the door to play at 'SC right now so maybe massaging the kid a bit wouldn't have been a bad idea.

Who knows.

More will come out on this I'm sure...