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No changes on the horizon for USC's football uniforms

Direct from Head Coach Lane Kiffin...

Lane Kiffin shot down the rumors.

"We are not changing our uniforms," the USC coach said in a phone interview earlier this afternoon. "We’re wearing our same uniforms as normal."

The possibility of the Trojans wearing something other than their traditional cardinal and gold for the UCLA game created an Internet buzz over the last few weeks.

Nike approached USC about some possible alternatives, as is the case annually, but "it’s not something we’re going to do at this time," Kiffin said.

Normally, I would say that is that...moving on.

But I guess the bigger question is if what Kiffin says is true then where did Scott Wolf get his info.

At this point I guess it doesn't matter but Wolf is going to have some egg on his face (again) over this "erroneous" story.