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USC Director of Athletics has been endowed

Chalk another one up to Max Nikias.

From The OCR.

Pat Haden has a new title:

The Charles Griffin Cale Director of Athletics.

The Charles Griffin Cale Director of Athletics’ Chair has been endowed by Cale and his wife Jessie in what USC officials are calling the largest endowment ever received by the Trojan athletic department. University officials said the amount of the gift will remain private.

"All of us in the USC athletic department sincerely thank Chuck and Jessie Cale for their generosity," said Haden (photo). "This landmark gift will not only positively impact all USC athletic directors in the years to come, but it will enable us to re-allocate resources and funds to much-needed areas such as student-athlete scholarships and recruiting.

I find it amazing that even in the face of adversity of the sanctions USC continues to draw in the big donors...

This further cements USC's brand.