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About that NCAA Mock Exercise...

Here are the media members that were invited to "witness" this sham...

Andrew Gribble/Knoxville News Sentinel
Bill Rabinowitz/Columbus Dispatch
Charles Robinson/Yahoo Sports
Dan Wetzel/Yahoo Sports
David Moltz/Inside Higher Ed
Dennis Dodd/CBS Sports
George Dohrmann/ESPN
George Schroeder/Register Guard (Oregon)
Jim Litke/Associated Press
Jon Solomon/Birmingham News
Ken Tysiac/Charlotte Observer
Kyle Veazey/Clarion Ledger
Libby Sander/Chronicle of Higher Ed
Mark Schlabach/ESPN
Mike DeCourcy/Sporting News
Mike Marot/Associated Press
Pat Forde/ESPN
Pete Thamel/New York Times
Seth Davis/Sports Illustrated
Seth Wickersham/ESPN The Magazine
Steve Yanda/Washington Post
Stewart Mandel/Sports Illustrated
Tom Goldman/NPR

Anyone see a pattern here?

Actually, I see two...

One other thing, there really hasn't been much coverage on this today. I know it is early but I am wondering if that was part of the deal in these guys attending this.

Leave your thoughts in the comments...