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The USC Proposed Uniform Change

As many of you have probably already heard USC is looking at a alternate uniform for at least the UCLA game.

You can see something similar to the final design on Wolf's Blog

I will tell you that I am not a fan...the obvious reason is tradition. Why change something that has worked so well, for so long and is timeless?

I could see Black Helmets with our standard home uniform but I am not sold on this.

Of course this runs along generational lines. Old farts like me don't like change, especially when it comes to tradition, unless we can control it while it appears that the younger, hipper crowd couldn't wait to be a part of it.

Nike is doing a rivalry game uniform deal with several schools around the country and they approached USC to be involved. When a group of players were asked about it, they "went nuts" and said they wanted to take part. With that, USC will face the Bruins while wearing all cardinal jerseys and a black helmet with gold Trojan logo.

This change is bound to be controversial for many Trojan fans because the USC uniform is among the most traditional in college football, it is known for a simplistic and classic style and there is always going to be a certain amount of hesitation any time drastic changes are made, even if it is only for one game.

Of course, Garry P. goes on to make the Oregon comparison...and he is dead on.

It is simply generational...

No one will dispute Oregon's rise of late, but before their regular season on field success of the past two seasons they were known for their weird uniform combination's. I understand about pressing your brand but for USC to go down this road is just one more oddity of the Pat Haden era at USC. Mike Garrett wouldn't even allow black socks...could you imagine his response if Nike floated this idea when he was AD?

One other thing as I think about it, Lane Kiffin has talked about USC's long traditions since he arrived almost a year and a half ago. Who approached the players? Was this Kiffin's idea or Haden's? If it is Haden's well then there you go....but if it is Kiffin's so much for tradition.

I will watch the team no matter what but that doesn't mean I have to be happy with this change, even if its for just one game.