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The NCAA changes their rules on the fly

Not that many of thought that the NCAA would give USC relief but these "new" altered rules pretty much seal the deal that when it comes to the NCAA its not your crime but who you are.

I love this one in particular...

"Remind the membership in LSDBi and in committee policies and procedures that Committee on Infractions and Infractions Appeals Committee reports in prior cases are not binding in future cases. The reports do not reflect all of the facts and circumstances considered by a committee, rules may have changed, committee members have likely changed and no two set of facts are exactly the same. Those appearing before the committees should focus on the conduct involved in the actual matter pending before the committees, not on prior cases."

So, in essence, there are no standards...make it up as you go along.

It will just depend on how the committee feels on the day they get together to hear a particular case.

I am not breaking any new ground here, this just solidifies what we already knew.

There have been rumors that Congress is looking at the NCAA's way of doing things, but until Congress get these people in front of a committee and forces the NCAA to make wholesale changes to the way they handle things then I don't see any changes coming anytime in the future

In the end this really isn't surprising...