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The Ethics of the NCAA

This a broken record at this point but things keep stacking up.

Nine of the 11 members of an NCAA panel that will help decide the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl's fate attended a bowl-sponsored retreat that included free meals, resort rooms and golf outings.

The nine names all showed up on a 2008 "Fiesta Frolic" attendee list obtained by Playoff PAC in a public records request. The group provided the list to The Associated Press.

The NCAA Postseason Bowl Licensing Subcommittee is scheduled to meet with Fiesta Bowl officials this week in New Orleans, but won't make a decision on whether to revoke the bowl's license until later this spring.

I am not sure the NCAA will rule but it won't surprise me if they do nothing.

Then again, with all the heat they are taking on some of the other fronts the NCAA can't keep looking the other way.

But then you never know......