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Another example of the NCAA's double standards - Meet Perry Jones

Here is a great NY Times piece that calls out the NCAA's wishy-washy enforcement...

Here is the relevant quote.

I asked Stacey Osburn, an N.C.A.A. spokeswoman, how a player could be held responsible for something done without his knowledge. I asked her why Jones had to sit while Cam Newton, the star quarterback at highly ranked Auburn, was allowed to continue playing after it was discovered that his father had tried to auction off his son’s talents to the highest bidder. I asked her why five players from Ohio State were allowed to play in the lucrative Sugar Bowl this year after they had been caught selling O.S.U. paraphernalia and pocketing the money — and why their coach got only a two-game suspension, even though he knew what they had done and said nothing.

We all know Osburn from her emotional and sanctimonious retort of's Dan Weber when he published his piece calling out the NCAA for their shoddy handling of USC.

The same NCAA that says they don't comment on their cases....unless of course the get nailed in the court of public opinion.

Sooner or later the NCAA is going to take a big hit!