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Midcourt: USC at Washington State Open Thread

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We've reached the final weekend of the season, and at this point in time, USC is playing for two things 1.) seeding in the Pac-10 tournament 2.) an NCAA at-large berth, depending on who you ask.

If USC is swept, a seventh seed is a possibility. If they sweep Washington State and Washington, a No. 3 seed could come, provided the Huskies fall to UCLA tonight.

In the meanwhile, here's an update on tonight's matchup:

USC is 1-6 in its last seven games at Pullman and 5-11 in its last 16 overall against Washington State, but the Trojans beat the Cougars earlier this season, 60-56. Washington State junior guard Klay Thompson leads the Pac-10 in scoring (21.4). The Cougars are coming off an 80-69 win at rival Washington. USC has won a season-high four games in a row.

Unfortunately, the gam'e not televised and I'm struggling to find an online link.

If anything surfaces, feel free to pass it along.