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Is USC moving its 2011 Game against Kansas to Wichita?

I am not sure this is the best way to market your brand...

USC is asking for its home basketball game against Kansas to be moved from Galen Center to Wichita, Kan., in hopes of getting a sellout, According to a report by The Trojans would get all gate proceeds from the 15,000-seat Intrust Arena.

Kansas coach Bill Self confirmed Tuesday, according to the report, that USC has asked that the game be moved. The Trojans currently play in the 10,258-seat Galen Center, the team’s home since 2006.

Here is Bill Self's comments on the switch.

"We've been approached by USC to ask if we'd be interested in their home game, that they control, in Wichita, I'm sure for financial reasons for them, but not for us," Kansas coach Bill Self said. "The thing I would say, just to make it real clear -- if it does happen, it's not KU's home game. USC will control the game."

USC would get the gate proceeds just as it would if the game were being played on its campus.

"They get the gate at the Galen Center, we get the gate at Allen Fieldhouse," Self said. "Playing (in Wichita), I'm sure it could be a nice ticket, good cost and they would control the gate."

No comments on a return game there though.

Color me puzzled on this.

Wolf reports that KU will be coming to Galen in 2012. OK, so why the switch?

So 'SC gets the gate but it is still a "home" game for KU. Looks like we are sacrificing our hoops team again to be fodder for another team to cut their teeth on...all for a few pieces of silver.