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2011 NCAA Tournament - The Round of 32 Day 2

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Another great day of games yesterday!

Games of note yesterday...Pitt falls, Florida still has UCLA's number and SDSU wins in double OT.

Who falls today?

12:15 PM (7) Washington vs. (2) North Carolina* CBS
2:45 PM (8) Michigan vs. (1) Duke* CBS
5:15 PM (8) George Mason vs. (1) Ohio State* CBS
6:10 PM (5) Arizona vs. (4) Texas* TNT
7:10 PM (11) Virginia Commonwealth vs. (3) Purdue* TBS
7:45 PM (11) Marquette vs. (3) Syracuse* truTV
8:40 PM (9) Illinois vs. (1) Kansas* TNT
9:40 PM (10) Florida State vs. (2) Notre Dame* TBS

I have to admit, this years tournament has been pretty entertaining.

The question is how will Arizona and Washington fare going forward. UW goes against UNC and Arizona faces Texas...but the game of the day to me will be Duke vs. Michigan if for no other reason the recent spat between Jalen Rose and Grant Hill.

Enjoy the games!