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The Pac-12 Cleans House...

Looks like a few more officials got the boot.

Mike Pereira, named last month the Pac-12's interim coordinator of football officiating, said there will be 16 new officials in the conference next year, hired away from the Big 12, Mountain West and WAC to replace those who were dismissed (along with the 11 who weren't invited back, another retired).

Pereira, whose three-decade officiating career includes a stint as the NFL's vice president of officiating and who served last season as an on-air NFL rules analyst for FOX, was hired as a consultant by the conference in October.

He said his review of officiating made it clear that change was needed in a conference that has earned an unhappy reputation for officiating faux pas in recent seasons.

Took them long enough.

Some fresh blood in the officiating ranks will go a long way to make the games competitive and enjoyable to watch.

There will still be some occasional mistakes but the firing of these officials sends a strong message that these guys need to step up their game.