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2011 NCAA Tournament - The Round of 32 Day 1

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Lots of close games over the past couple of days.

Some of the pundits are saying we have parity right now...Some are are saying that we are seeing the effects of "One and Done".

Not sure where I stand on that but there have been some pretty interesting games.

Here is today's slate of games...

12:15 PM (5) West Virginia vs. (4) Kentucky* CBS
2:45 PM (7) UCLA vs. (2) Florida* CBS
5:15 PM (13) Morehead State vs. (12) Richmond* CBS
6:10 PM (7) Temple vs. (2) San Diego State* TNT
7:10 PM (8) Butler vs. (1) Pittsburgh* TBS
7:45 PM (11) Gonzaga vs. (3) Brigham Young* CBS
8:40 PM (5) Kansas State vs. (4) Wisconsin* TNT
9:40 PM (6) Cincinnati vs. (3) Connecticut* TBS

Should be a fun slate of games today!