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The Pac-12 to Restructure Football Officiating

I am skeptical and really not sure what any of this means...

After a comprehensive review of the officiating program and a request by Dave Cutaia to step down as the Coordinator of Football Officiating, the Pac-10 Conference will restructure its football officiating program it was announced today. Enhancements to the officiating program will include a new organizational structure, new resources, best practices and training tools.



What exactly does that last sentence that I emphasized mean?

The Pac-12 still has not publicly released their findings of the Stanford clock fiasco early in the season. That would be a great first step but I am not counting on it.

Until they address the policy that allows the hometown team to provide the clock operator, and substitute him with an impartial official, there are no best practices in place for the area that matters the most - the game.

So, I am not interested in any of this window dressing.

They need to get rid of a bunch of officials first...then rebuild with a clean slate.

Restructuring is only as good as the people officiating the games. If they really want to do something, eliminate the bottom 25 percent of officials who graded poorly and bring in new ones.

Bringing in Pereira may address some of the issues in how the game is officiated on the field but until I actually see what those changes are I will continue to be unimpressed.