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Matt Barkley is not a Heisman Finalist

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There are some that will blame the sanctions and Paul Dee for Matt Barkley not getting a trip to NYC...

I don't. I can see that line of thinking, but to me it's secondary.

I put this squarely on Pat Haden.

Haden's own words betray is lack of action in getting Barkley the necessary publicity at the most opportune time when the race was heating up.

"There's buzz now, but he's been playing great for a good month," Haden told "He's been playing sensationally and he's clearly done his part, so I wish I would have initiated it earlier, thought about pushing it earlier.

"But it is what it is, and he's getting some good traction and he's certainly worthy of consideration. It's up to him to play great Saturday night."

It is what it is?

You mean like the NCAA is staffed by fair minded people? Like USC is now going to win the RIGHT WAY?

I will agree that part of Barkley not getting to NYC was that he lost to Luck Head to Head. Beat Stanford and he is in NYC...I get that.

Haden misses the forest through the trees in not recognizing that the sanctions essentially rendered Barkley's 2011 performance impotent.

Too busy trying to make the NCAA happy with the above mentioned proclamations.

I realize I sound bitter, take it for what you will. Mathieu is a product of nickname hype. Without "the Honey Badger" nickname he is just another combo player.

If Barkley isn't worthy of consideration based on his performance then fine. But Haden not recognizing what was going on is a travesty. He should have doubled his efforts to make sure that Barkley was in the mix. If his performance wasn't up to snuff then I could live with it.

I can even see how Barkley's performance against ASU combined with the loss to Stanford makes it tough. It is just Haden's admitted lack of action that steams me.

Damn shame really, I expect Barkley to go to the NFL. Barkley almost single handedly put USC back on the map this season with his poise, character and performance on the field.

This team going forward has a lot to be grateful for in regards to his maturity in how he led this team.