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From the PAC 12 "Great Moments in Vivisection" Series: the Conference Championship Game

Well, here we are. The waiting is over, the long season has been navigated, and it's time for the best of the North Division and UCLA to take the field for the inaugural PAC 12 Conference Championship game.

The line from Vegas on this game is Ducks by 31.5, but that's got lost in the amazing display of management... acumen, I suppose, by UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero. Between supporting then firing Rick Neuheisel, requesting a bowl participation waiver BEFORE the Bruins played Oregon, announcing an assistant would take over coaching for said bowl game, and apparently betting the farm on one candidate who doesn't appear interested in working in Westwood... well, no wonder no-one seems to be fixating on the spread. It's certainly one way to deal with the problem.

For what it's worth, the fine feathered folks at Addicted to Quack are having a hard time getting excited about this one. They skipped their usual pre-game assessments because they can't see any way that UCLA wins this. They did offer some odds of specific events though:

Chance that Rick Neuheisel burns Brett Hundley's redshirt, just to be a dick - 4%

Chance that De'Anthony Thomas makes a UCLA player look stupid - 89%

Chance that Oregon scores 50 (something the Ducks have only done four times this year, btw) - 58%

Chance that Kevin Prince throws a pick-six - 22%

Chance that pick-six will be to Cliff Harris - 0%

So there you have it. I don't know if Bruins Nation has posted anything in the way of a preview, but for the crime of making me feel sorry for the UCLA players, I will echo this one sentiment for them: FIRE DAN GUERRERO.

This is the open game thread: if you're sick enough to be watching this game, feel free to share your thoughts here.