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Statements from Kiffin and Kalil on Kalil's decision to enter the NFL

Pretty classy on both of these statements...

From Matt Kalil.

"The decision to leave USC after my junior year was not an easy one to make," said Kalil. "I love this university. That's why it took a while to decide. I wanted to look at both sides of the decision and talk to a number of people. Ultimately, I sat down with my family, including my father and brother who both know the pro football experience, and I made the decision that is best for me.

"I realize that if I came back to USC next season, I could be part of some special things here and potentially win a national championship. That was very tempting.

"But in my research, I came to the conclusion that I can be the No. 1 tackle drafted and you can't go any higher than that. Now is the right time to go. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I have to take it.


If Kalil were to be injured it would really hurt his draft stock. As much as we would all love to see him stay, this is the best move for him. I have a hard time believing that Kalil won't be the first lineman taken in next years draft.

That is the reason that you go.

From Lane Kiffin.

"All of us at USC wish Matt Kalil the best as he takes this next step in his career. Matt was thorough in his research and made a decision that is the right one for him. We fully support that decision and we told him so. He is ready for the NFL. He will be a very high draft pick and will have a long, successful career.

Like Pete Carroll always said....if your the #1 pick at your position you have to go.

Kiffin sees that and he has Kalil's best interests in mind.

That's two Juniors gone...Two more are on the clock.

Good Luck Matt!!