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USC Football News and Notes 12/14/11

Just a couple of things to discuss...

Nick Perry to the NFL?

Defensive end Nick Perry has signed with an agent, according to Tony Pauline, an NFL draft analyst with Sports Illustrated.

Pauline tweeted the information Wednesday, crediting it to sources.

The info has yet to be confirmed.

This has been on a number of boards over the past few days. Even though has not been officially confirmed, I have been told that its true WRT Perry and that one more Defensive Player is probably gone as well.

Not really surprising.

Perry is a beast who will do well in the NFL. I am sure there will be a number of opposing QB's that will be happy to see him go to the next level.

- - -

Three make the all AP team.

Were are at that time of year where everyone is handing out awards. Robert Woods, Matt Kalil and Matt Barkley received some more hardware today.

USC offensive lineman Matt Kalil (Servite High) and wide receiver Robert Woods were first-team selections The Associated Press All-America team, which was announced Wednesday.

Trojans Matt Barkley (Mater Dei High) was named third-team quarterback.

You can read the whole list at the OCR.

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I know this is a couple days old but this article points out why I try to hold out as long as I can before posting a story...

Matt Kalil was sleeping soundly, the writing of a term paper his next priority.

Instead, Kalil awoke last week to what he called "mayhem."

A website, citing an unidentified source, reported that the All-American tackle was "set to return" to USC rather than turn pro, causing Kalil's phone and Twitter account to explode with messages.

Kalil said later in an interview that he wasn't close to making a decision — players have until mid-January to declare for the NFL draft —- but the episode illustrated the pressures and distractions that he and three teammates are facing as they decide whether to return for a final college season.

"I guess it was kind of a glimpse of what's going to be happening," Kalil said.

It wasn't us, but I could imagine things getting crazy.

I have said before that I think they (the Matt's) are gone...even if they have barely started the process of evaluating their options. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes right now.

As long as they do what's best for them...

- - -


Looks like the press is craving for LA to be a Bruin Town again!

Which brings us to the subtle yet powerful four words he shared with everyone Tuesday, a declaration that should be echoing throughout Bruin Nation right about now.

"I'm excited about recruiting," he said.

He didn't say it matter-of-factly. He said it with passion and enthusiasm.

"It's the thing I'm looking forward to most," he insisted.

And with that, UCLA fans greatest fears were alleviated.

In two sentences, Mora showed exactly why he'll have a fighting chance to restore UCLA to the proud program it consistently once was.

If we are to believe him, he's about to hit the recruiting trail so hard and it's only a matter of time before he begins putting together top classes.

Once he does that, everything else will fall into place.

Mora is too good of a coach to fail with good players.


It's way too early yet to see just how good Mora will be. Seahawks and Falcons fans don't exactly get the warm and fuzzies with Mora.

Yes, it looks like Mora is assembling a nice staff but someone has to be whispering in his ear because he has ZERO college connection to pull the assistants out of thin air.

Recruiting has never been a problem at UCLA. They have pulled in some great talent in the past and their current roster isn't too shabby...the problem has been player development.

Of the two "big" assistants that Mora has pulled, neither had units that were stellar...

Klemm’s OL at SMU allowed 27 sacks in 2011, ranking 81 out of 120 teams.

Martin’s secondary at UW gave up 283 passing yards/game, ranking 116 out of 120 teams.

Not exactly lights out…

Even if these guys are all that, I won't be worried until their recruits names are on the dotted line and even then I won't get too worried about things. Our guys know what they are doing. And even if they lose a few now, it won't be the last time it happens....USC will still get their fair share.

So, until I see some dominant performances by this new crew in Westwood I don't plant to get too worked up over it.

Long way to go yet...