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Your thoughts on the Mora Hire

At this point I really couldn't care less.

Jim Mora aka "Junior" hasn't been in the job more than 48 hours and he is already polarized the CFB world.

Bruins fans hate the hire, Huskies fans, for the most part, are supportive and other pundits and other CFB regulars seem to be split.

My attitude is a simple one...

I'm not sure how Mora will work out. The numbers don’t make it look good, but numbers are also overrated.

That Dan Guerrero went outside the UCLA tree says they are trying to go in a different direction. And if Mora was Guerrero's hire and not the boosters (Wasserman et. al.) then it shows DG is still in charge and is thumbing his nose at a certain portion of the fan base...

Fact is UCLA is NOT a dream destination in FB, if it was coaches would have been lining up. UCLA currently has a horrible reputation as far as a coaching destination.They can't find an established home run type coach.

I am sure it pains UCLA fans to read that, but I challenge them to prove me wrong...heck it isn't just me anyone who is anyone in CFB agrees.

Maybe Mora will be good, maybe not, but he is well behind the curve. That is why who he hires as assistants is key.

I am not buying into any of the Carroll comparisons either, that’s the exception not the rule…but hey lightning can always strike twice I guess.

I won't be worry about this hire until Mora beats USC and puts a top 5 recruiting class together.

It is rumored that Mora has said that recruiting is a necessary evil in CFB....uh, ya' think!!

Anyway, it has been to read the plethora of comments on this hire from all corners from the CFB world.

I really am ambivalent, but I am interested in hearing your thoughts...