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Washington Week: Tuesday Links and Notes

Just a few notes today on Saturday's game...

Here is a little more on the Dawson/Galippo switch at MLB.

Galippo was told by USC coach Lane Kiffin on Sunday or Monday of last week that he wouldn't start. He and Dawson both practiced the whole week with that knowledge, but neither said anything publicly until Dawson's tweet. In retrospect, Galippo was clearly hurt by the decision. But he didn't show it.

"It's not a personal deal," said linebackers coach Joe Barry. "Coach decided to make a decision and we pulled in and told Chris, and he wasn't happy with it, which I was happy with.

"We'd have a big problem with it if he was OK with it."

Even now, Galippo is not really OK with it. Asked, point-blank, why he lost his starting spot, he couldn't come up with too much.

"I mean, obviously I haven’t played perfect," Galippo said. "I know I have made mistakes. I’ve done everything I can. I tried as hard as I can. I’ve done what I’m good at, the mental side of the game, getting guys lined up and being a leader out there. I think it shows when I’m out there on the field.

I have said it before,the coaches know more than we do on these things so whatever they think is best is fine with me. Unfortunately Chris Galippo's career has been up and down. His injuries certainly slowed his development. But others have been injured and blew through it. Galippo just never seemed to get to that next level. There were some flashes but not what we were expecting.

It's my opinion only, but maybe the staff is looking to the future now. Galippo will graduate and Dawson is the future. While 'SC wants to win all of its games it still has to plan for the future when the scholarship reductions hit so they need to get their underclassmen some experience.

It is a bitter pill to swallow for Galippo, but it is the reality of the game...

- - -

The relationship between Lane Kiffin and Steve Sarkisian is pretty strong. We all know of their time together at USC before Kiffin went on to head coach the Raiders. I have seen them interact together at the Pac-10/12 media days the past two years. Their wives are close. You can see there is a general respect.

There really isn't any trash talking that goes on between the two when their respective teams meet.

On Monday, Sarkisian, the third-year coach at Washington, said USC is "still probably the most talented team in our conference."

Kiffin’s tongue-in-cheek response Tuesday: "That’s good, because he lost by 50 to Stanford. If we have more talent than them, we should be in good shape. We don’t even have to show up."

The Huskies actually lost by only 44 to the Cardinal, 65-21. They have beaten the Trojans twice in a row, both under Sarkisian.

Kiffin later joked that his relationship with Sarkisian is "going downhill."

"All he’s doing is pointing out how we have these great players," Kiffin said, "so we must not be good coaches."

This can't be easy.

These guys have get their teams fired up to bash each other into oblivion while still maintaining a strong relationship. We have seen many of these type of relationships crumble with other coaches, so far it looks like Kiffin and Sarkisian have maintained an even keel.

- - -

Speaking of Sarkisian. The gamesmanship that UW coach Steve Sarkisian is playing with regards to Matt Barkley and his ability may be amusing but the underlying current is that it is 50/50 that Barkley stays at USC.

Barkley has talked often about leaving school with a "bang" -- you know, finishing on a high note, creating a good way to remember three or four years of college football. Winning the next three games and finishing in the top 15 in the country would certainly qualify as a bang.

The win over Notre Dame was a bit of a bang. The near-win over Stanford would have been a big bang. The win over Colorado was solid, but nowhere near that caliber.

The question is whether it was enough of a stepping stone to lead the Trojans into a win over Washington in a week.

Not really sure of the 'bang' factor but I see him going. So does Plaschke...

A bowl game really doesn't offer much when you are looking at some big time money in the NFL, so I am not seeing the benefit of staying...especially if Barkley has three stellar and productive games to finish the season.

By the way, Sark stands by his comments on Barkley over Luck.

Here is Barkley after practice...

- - -

Marc Tyler has been cleared to play against Washington.

Tailback Marc Tyler, who missed most of the past two games because of a shoulder injury, has been cleared to play against Washington. He is being held out of contact in the meantime.

I see this in the light as I see Galippo's situation, though Tyler has been more productive.

Tyler will get his carries but this has to be Curtis McNeal's time. He is the future and he has earned the spot. Tyler has been gladiator like when he has played but its time to start planning for the future.

Here is Tyler after practice...

- - -

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