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Matt Barkley throws a record SIX Touchdown passes in win over Colorado

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I am not going to say that this was never in doubt, 'SC did look sluggish and tired. Hard not to see why and its completely understandable.

Either way USC kept the momentum going.

Barkley finally broke the record and that is great but It is a little hollow to me because its against an outmatched Colorado.

And Lane Kiffin is sure to ridiculed for going for it with the game in hand.

Oh Well, damned if you do damned if you don't.

I am little concerned about about the injury to Rhett Ellison. Curtis McNeal had a decent evening but was hardly seen in the second half...was he injured?

I am sure there will be more to discuss, but for now I am happy for the win...the guys shook off the loss to Stanford and did not get trapped in a letdown.

So, feel free to fire away, this our post game thread.