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Buffalo buffalo buffalo - USC plays a Friday Night Lights game in Boulder

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Did you know that Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo is a legitimate sentence? True fact.

Hopefully that's about as much of a buffalo run-on as we'll see this evening as USC moseys into Boulder to play Colorado, live and in color on ESPN.

On the one hand, this has trap-game written all over it - Colorado has looked woeful this year, and USC is coming off a triple overtime thriller at home that ended in a deflating loss. Injuries are up - Tyler and Bailey are out - and the air will be thin... so it's got "Redemption for Colorado!" written all over it.

But surely, surely SC can knuckle down, let McNeal move the ball a bit, and generally work out last week's loss against Stanford? I sure hope so. The fact that Rod Gilmore apparently will not be joined in the booth by Joe Tessitore, so that also has to reduce the odds of Friday night insanity.

Things I'll be looking out for: is Robert Woods looking more like his usual bad-ass self? Will McNeal collapse from overuse? Will Barkley be abducted by Broncos fans desperate for a quarterback who checks both boxes: "nice young man" and "can throw a pass in a pro offense"? Will I be able to remain awake past the end of the first half?

Anyway: this is the game thread. Hopefully we'll all be enjoying a nice quiet game, but whatever happens, you can rave or rant about it here.

Fight on! Beat the Buffalo!

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