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Closing the Book on UCLA

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I started writing this yesterday but I really just wanted to relax and enjoy the win. Neuheisel's firing kind of changes things, not that any of us were surprised that it happened.

The book really is closed on UCLA for this year...

There are so many story lines I could go with today.

But I am not going to...

I looked at the Barkley decision earlier yesterday. While that decision is important it is just one piece of the pie going forward in 2012.

A 50-0 beatdown of your crosstown rival doesn't leave much to analyze...We all saw how this team is firing on all cylinders...even if it is against a horrible bad UCLA team, the players still have to execute.

And they did plenty of that.

The Pac-12 Awards that were announced earlier today really punctuate just how far this team has come. There really isn't much more to say. What USC accomplished this season is nothing short of remarkable.

So, I will simply say this...

Thank You!

Thank You to Lane Kiffin and his staff.

Thank You to this incredible group of players.

Thank You to Pat Haden...We have numerous issues with Haden's leadership but at least he got out the way for the most part. His getting those shirts for the players may not be thumbing the nose at the Pac-12 but its close.

I will leave you with this...