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Barkley's Decision...

<em>Riding off into the sunset?</em>
Riding off into the sunset?

With the 2011 season now in the books, all focus will now shift to Matt Barkley and his decision to either stay at USC for one more season or declare for the NFL draft.

He has plenty people to call for advice. Leinart, Luck, Palmer and Sanchez to name a few.

I have said that I have a hunch he will go to the me it is a no brainer.

I know the arguments on both sides, stay for one more year of college life with friends and teammates or cash in.

Lets look at the money first. With the new NFL CBA Barkley won't make as much this season as he would have last season. Unfortunately for him, he was not eligible for the draft last season. The amount he makes next season in the NFL vs 2013 won't be all that different. He'll get guaranteed money either way, the question will be more about where he goes in the draft.

is there really a huge difference between 7-9 in 2012 vs 2-4 2013? (yes, I am being conservative. How the fans see Barkley is different than how the NFL people will see him).

Stay one more year to tighten things up and maybe he improves his draft stock.

Come out now, make some money and maybe carry the clipboard while adjusting to the different game that is the NFL.

His game improves with either scenario.

It is quite possible that Barkley could start in the NFL just like Sanchez did the year he came out. That is not a bad thing, infact I would think that Barkley has more going for him than Sanchez did because Barkley stated all three years...basically learning under fire. Sanchez only started one year...his senior year.

Sanchez has some pretty decent protection that year.

Barkley has taken some shots with some less than perfect O-lines protecting him.

I just don't see the point in staying.

I agree with the premise that IF Barkley stays, 2011 could be a very special season for USC all around. Don't get me wrong, for purely selfish reasons I would love it if Barkley stayed. I just don't see it happening.

We will find out soon enough...

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