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Rick Neuheisel and the power of positive thinking

You see the darndest things on Twitter these days:

(presented without comment) RT @DanGreenspan: Neuheisel on #USC: "We've got a chance to win the championship. We've closed the gap."
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Some people were very quick to reply...

Yeah, women's volleyball is right up there this year. RT @DanGreenspan: Neuheisel on #USC: "We've closed the gap." #UCLA
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But on further consideration, I think the following from Avinash pretty much hits it on the head:

Additionally, UCLA has lost all four games against USC in the Rick Neuheisel era, outscored 108-35. If Neuheisel plans on closing the gap with the Trojans, he might have to start with the scoreboard.

If I were Rick Neuheisel, I'd emphasize UCLA's position in the South Conference as well - because by that metric, this season's looking pretty good, at least in the latter stages. UCLA has been doing better, and they control their own destiny for a trip to the Conference Championship Game. Closing the gap? Well, let's see how things shake out on Saturday. I know that Oregon were 16 point favorites and it doesn't do to be dismissive, but I'm having a hard time seeing a replay of 2006 on the cards.