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Remember when I said...

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That the Ducks would not take USC seriously?

Remember some of the comments made by some Duck fans here and at their own site?

One of my responses was that I had a hunch.

Looks like I was right....

Receiver Josh Huff said afterward, that the Ducks might have let their focus slip after an emotional win at Stanford last week.

"Practices just didn’t feel the same," Huff said. "We have a great team. We have great practices. But I could tell something was wrong."

Then the Ducks watched Iowa State ambush Oklahoma State.

"Some of my teammates were in the hallway running around, and I feel they lost focus," Huff said. "College football is a crazy game. Anything is possible."


All teams have this happen.

It happened to USC in 2006 against UCLA. It also happened to USC in 2007 against Stanford.

Sometimes teams can't keep their edge week after week. Sometimes teams just go through the motions.

That will be USC's BIGGEST challenge this week when they face UCLA.