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USC 38 - Oregon 35

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What a wild ride!

We weren't given much of a chance...even by me. Duck fans were talking shit on Twitter and on their various board and blogs all week.

Matt Barkley had a great night, throwing FOUR TD's. The muffed snap didn't hurt us...and I can't put the pick on Barkley, Woods was being held.

Marqise Lee.............IS. THE. MAN.

Oregon may have a great offense but I think Barkley and co. have proven they can hang...Barkley, Woods and Lee are the best Tandem in all of college football.

Kiffin called a great game tonight. Kiffin had a plan, it was balanced and effective.

The defense was flying tonight. Monte put together a great defensive plan. The defense was gassed at the end but they made some stops that forced the Ducks to go for the field goal.

USC being up 24-points heading into the 4th qtr. But Oregon had a great runback by De'Anthony Thomas and the Oregon Running game gashed USC at times...

But it doesn't matter...USC got the job done.

I love that USC rammed it home with all those Nike endorsers in the stands.

I love that this win screws another Pac-12 school out of a big payday by not going to a BCS bowl...that's their tough luck.

More later, so lets enjoy this.

Go crazy people! Go Crazy!

This our post game thread.