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Lane Kiffin on the Oregon "dynasty"

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Some Oregon fans like to pop off about their recent success.

No question that it has been fun to I said earlier this week if you like CFB you have like the way Oregon plays.

But while Oregon is the flavor the month, they have a ways to go to reach the level of what USC has achieved on the football field. Heck, Oregon football has a way to go before they are the most prolific sport at UO.

Oregon Track & Field holds that distinction.

Oregon Football has a way to, when asked about the Ducks recent successes Lane Kiffin nailed it.

Oregon has won the past two Pac-10 championships and is on its way to winning the first Pac-12 title. The Ducks have won 19 consecutive conference games.

So is it safe to say that Oregon under Chip Kelly has reached the same level of dominance as USC did under Pete Carroll?

"They’re at the start of it," said current USC coach Lane Kiffin, a member of Carroll’s staff.

"You’ve got to do it for seven years before you compare it. That’s a long run. That’s a lot of different players."

Yeah, they're not there yet.

Remember when LSU fans said that USC wasn't a dynasty because we only had won one BCS championship?

I believe the direct quote was "shouldn't dynasties win more than one?".

Well, lets take that one step further...Shouldn't dynasties win AT LEAST one?

Gotta win the big game on the big stage outside the conference to get on that super-highway.

Maybe Oregon will become a dynasty...but they need a title first to even start the conversation.