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Oregon Week: Robert Woods Status - Game time decision

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Robert Woods has taken a pounding this season.

The Matt Barkley/Robert Woods Tandem has been a thing of beauty to watch. But with all those catches and with all that attention opposing defenses put on Woods, the hits have taken their toll.

And Woods' status is in question for Saturdays Game...

Woods, who ranks fourth in the nation with 92 receptions, did not practice Wednesday after being limited Tuesday.

"He’s going the wrong direction," Kiffin said. "He’s not getting better. Hopefully this (sitting out practice) will help. If he can’t go this week … hopefully he’ll be back close to full speed for UCLA."

Woods hasn’t been close to full speed lately. He had a season-low two receptions for only 5 yards against Washington last week.

"Watch him yesterday. We’ve got service-team corners that he can’t run by right now," Kiffin said.

"He’s just worn down. The kid’s trying to do everything that he can. When you have an ankle and a shoulder, you can’t generate much power. A lot of kids wouldn’t even be playing right now. He just keeps throwing himself back in there."

Woods may be worn down but unless he doesn't make the trip I highly doubt he won't play.

Now, his effectiveness may be in question, but I have a hard time not seeing him on the field...even if he is a decoy.

Woods appears to be a walking train wreck...

Woods described his ankle injury as "50/50. Like some days it feels good, some days it feels bad."

How did it feel Thursday?

"Today, I don’t know I didn’t get the chance to run on it or anything," Woods said. "The shoulder is aggravated as well. The ankle, I’m not sure how it feels today."

Woods, however, remained optimistic he would play at Autzen.

"He has the final word but I feel good enough, ready to go," Woods said referring to Kiffin. "He’s the one calling the personnel but you know I’m definitely in his ear trying to get on the field.

Trust me, Woods is going to play.

- - -

One question that has been raised is Oregon better this season over last season?

Matt Barkley offered an opinion which I thought was fair.

Hard to really know, in looking at the stats, it looks like splitting hairs.

2010 Pass Offense #39 244 ypg 63% completion
2011 pass offense #78 212 yds pg 58.5% Completion

Total offense 531 ypg
2011 total offense 510 ypg

2010 Oregon Rush O 286 ypg
2011 Rush offense 291 yds per

2010 scoring offense 47 ppg
2011 scoring offense 46 ppg

Rush D #27 128 yds pg
2011 Rush D #58 149 ypg

2010 Pass D #56 218 yds pg
2011 Pass d #71 234 ypg

2010 Scoring D 18.6
2011 Scoring D 22ppg

Not quite as good as last season but still very potent.

But the the key seems to be on third down...(here is the Oregonian's take)

Oregon isn’t bad at converting third downs — but it isn’t great, either. The Ducks’ 44.3 percent conversion rate ranks fourth in the Pac-12 and 39th in the nation. USC (second/24th) is among the schools that are better.
Oregon was only 1 of 9 on third down against Stanford. According to The Oregonian, its percentages have declined steadily: 50 in September, 45.7 in October, 28.6 in November.

The key to this game is the O-line protecting Barkley.

The Duck offense is going to get their points, so USC has to keep up that is is a must, and hopefully take advantage of an Oregon mistake.

'SC is in for a tough game. it isn't impossible to beat these guys but it will take some work.

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