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Oregon Week: Barkley's comments on Oregon were incomplete

There has been a bit of a fire storm created by a certain beat reporter when quoting Matt Barkley about this weekend's game against Oregon.

Here were the comments as originally printed...

Matt Barkley on Oregon: "I think they were better when we played them in the past."

Just reading that passage tells me that there was something more there.

And there was...

From Gary Klein at the LAT...

"I think Oregon is very good this year," said Barkley, who completed 18 of 28 passes for 174 yards, "But I think they were better when we played them in the past."

And there it complete context.

Most USC fans know not to take everything that the DN's beat writer always writes at face value.

We all remember about C.J. Spiller.

This is more for those who might want to come over and stir the pot of controversy. It wasn't what Barkley said and that Lane Kiffin had to back peddle on something that was taken out of context simply brings more attention to something that isn't a big deal.

Simply stated don't believe everything you read from the LA Daily News without reading other sources first.