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GameDay Open Thread - Washington vs. USC

<em>I am hoping for a big day from Mr. Woods!</em>
I am hoping for a big day from Mr. Woods!

I don't know about you but I want this win BAD. I want to wash the last two losses to UW out of my mouth.

I think USC's defense will be able to limit Price and Polk. I am not so sure about UW's defense against USC's offense. The weather may be a factor but I really am not sure if it will be a big factor.

Now for the bad news...The misses assumed this game would be later on this evening, so she planned a trip to the in-laws that I cannot back out, while I will should be able to watch the game (hopefully they get FX) I won't be able to run or be on the thread.

So, fire away!

Lets rock this thing!

'SC needs a very strong outing today as they head into the Oregon game next week. I am hopeful that USC will not look ahead to next week and the Ducks.

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