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Monte Kiffin says the defense is better than it looks

OK, I'll bite on this.

Someone is going to have explain it to me, because I don't know how giving up over 80-points in the past two games makes this defense better than it looks...

USC failed to produce a consistent pass rush against Arizona quarterback Nick Foles, gave up huge chunks of passing yardage in the middle of the field and allowed the Wildcats to double their season rushing average. The Trojans also missed numerous tackles.

"We just have to play better as a group," Kiffin said.

The Trojans' main problem, according to Kiffin, is third-down defense, though Arizona State and Arizona each converted a modest six of 12 third-down situations.

"You can't get off [the field] every time, but when you have the opportunity … and you've got the right call made and the right situation stuff, you have to," he said.

I don't how the fans are supposed to look at those number and think the defense is better than it looks.

It isn't just the last two games either.

USC has been gashed by the screen pass in the flat by numerous teams and gives up chunks of yards with their soft coverage.

Going to be interesting, but I don't expect things to get "better" anytime soon...