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Closing the Book on Arizona

While it is easy to to criticize the defensive of yesterday's win over Arizona it is just as easy to marvel over the day that Matt Barkley, Robert Woods and Marqise Lee had.

For his efforts Matt Barkley was named Pac-12 Player of the Week...

USC quarterback Matt Barkley was named the Pac-12 conference's offensive player of the week Monday after he broke the school's all-time record for passing yards in a win over Arizona on Saturday.

It's Barkley's second such honor of the 2011 season. He was also named the offensive player of the week following a 324-yard, five-touchdown performance against Syracuse in Week 3.

On Saturday, Barkley threw for 468 yards on 32-of-39 passing, including four touchdowns and one interception. He broke Carson Palmer's record of 448 yards that was set in his Heisman Trophy-winning season of 2002.

Hard to argue with Barkley's effort.

These are the types of performances you get when you have protection and don't turn the ball over

- - -

Of course, lets not forget about Robert Woods...

Robert Woods lined up in the USC backfield at one point Saturday, triggering panic among Arizona's defenders.

"Woods! Woods! Woods!" the Wildcats barked.

Shadowing the Trojans receiver was possible … until the ball was snapped. Then the sophomore continually baffled his opponents.

He turned short catches into big plays. He forced safeties to all but ignore other receivers. He transformed the Coliseum into his oversized playground during USC's 48-41 victory.

"He tore our zone up, man," cornerback Shaquille Richardson said. "He went for how many yards? A lot."

Nothing new there..."The Robert Factor"!

Enjoy it while we have it, because before you know it he will be gone.

- - -

And then there is Marqise Lee...

The potent one-two combination of Lee and Woods that had been an underlying hope for the first four games finally presented itself on the field, and USC was predictably hard to stop. When the double-teams went to Woods, Barkley would target Lee, like he did on his 38-yard touchdown in the first quarter.

And when the double-teams started to hint toward Lee, Barkley would look to Woods, like he did on his 28-yard touchdown in the third quarter. Heading into this week's bye, the Trojans now officially have two proven passing-game targets, a boon heading into back-to-back road games against Cal and Notre Dame.

"He had 100-plus yards, his first one, and there's more to come, definitely," Woods said of Lee. "I'm proud of him and I look forward to seeing him against Cal and seeing what he does."

It is hard not to get excited watching these two.

I have to say that this one bright spot when watching the games.

- - -

Still, USC still has a lot of work to do on defense, especially in the red-zone.

"If a couple of those are just field goals, then the game's a blowout," Kiffin said Sunday.

Instead, a 34-12 game became a nail-biter for USC, which couldn't exhale until it recovered an onside kick with less than a minute left. The final was 48-41.

Those red-zone woes will be a primary focal point during the Trojans' bye week as they begin preparing for their Oct. 13 game against Cal in San Francisco.

I made my thoughts know on the defense earlier today so I will leave it here...

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