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Stanford outlasts USC in triple OT

Well, USC proved they can play with the big boys...or you could say that Stanford isn't all that.

I will take the former....but the latter may be true as well.

USC went toe to toe with the Farm and showed they are for real.

Can't say I am unhappy with tonight's performance. 'SC had them on the ropes...That pick 6 was spectacular. The personal foul was unfortunate.

What do you do?

Kiffin called a great game. The Defense played a great game.

That last series before overtime was a bit perplexing. I thought Kiffin would have educated his players about the time situation.

Trading TD's with Stanford in OT was nerve wracking.

Things came down to fatigue...'SC just ran out of gas.

Game ends on a fumble...nothing more to say.