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Trojans versus Trees: Stanford Game Thread

Let's get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuumble! The Stanford Cardinal Railway Baron Land Thieves football team arrives at the Coliseum tonight, followed by their shambolic band, for a festival of PAC 12 football. Gameday is in town because it's a can't-lose proposition for them: either the slow coronation of Andrew Luck, Heisman Dauphin, continues, or the "stuck on the naughty step" Trojans score the upset.

So many story lines! Will Stanford try and run the ball until the USC defense collapses, and then let Luck pass for a million yards? Will Barkley and Woods wreak havoc with Trees that actually had to try and contain UCLA? Will Herbstreit be able to keep from laughing at Ohio State's easy life with the NCAA? And will Musburger pass out from the strain when the ESPN directors order him to knob-slobber on both teams' quarterbacks?

Tune in and find out! And talk trash about it all in this, the Stanford game thread. Fight on! Beat the Stanford Cardinal Railway Baron Land Thieves!