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Dillon Baxter off the team...Will "focus on academics"

You had to be blind not to see this coming.

Coach Lane Kiffin said in a released statement that Baxter, who did not accompany the team to Notre Dame last weekend, will "focus on academics."

"The decision has been made for Dillon Baxter to focus on his academics," Kiffin said.

"As he does so, he will not be part of our football program. However, we will continue to support him with our academic services department."

"There will be no further comment regarding this from me or any member of our program."

Baxter, who has had several off-the-field issues, had fallen out of favor with the coaching staff despite vowing to have a new attitude and renewed work ethic this season.

The day after barely playing in the Trojans’ season-opening victory over Minnesota, Baxter and his family requested a sit-down with Kiffin. Kiffin said he used the opportunity to explain where the sophomore stood on the depth chart.

I don't think there is anything that Baxter could have done to change his attitude in Kiffin's eyes.

There were just too many incidents, too many headaches.

Baxter doesn't fit in the mold of what Kiffin wants.

Baxter is a Pete Carroll type of guy. Some would say that he had a sense of entitlement, was lazy and to some was not well liked.

Everson Griffin comes to mind.

I am not buying any comments that he still wants to be a Trojan. Like many, I think he ends up closer to home at SDSU...near the mother of his soon to be born child and in a place where the academics might be a little easire.

The only thing I don't like is that this kid stuck it out. He didn't bail on the team when the sanctions came down he made the effort...just not enough in the staff's eyes.


The team will move on and Baxter will hopefully find himself and be productive both on and off the field.

I wish him luck.