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George Farmer continues to impress...

There is no question that George Farmer had an impact on USC's performance against Cal...

We can speculate all day long as to how Farmer finally saw some action but the fact is Farmer is another waepon that USC can rely on and that

will make opposing defenses thinks twice.

The product of Serra High of Gardena was involved in a variety of ways. He took a pitch that went for a 4-yard loss. He made the tackle on a kickoff. He gained 14 yards on a swing pass. He went in motion at the same time as fellow receiver Robert Woods, forcing Kiffin to burn a timeout.

And that was just the first quarter.

Farmer did not touch the ball in the second quarter. But on his first carry of the third quarter, a 2-yard gain, Farmer fought through a tackle and drew a personal-foul penalty on Cal's Chris McCain. Farmer also returned two kickoffs in the third quarter.

The coaching staff has also taken notice...

Kiffin said freshman George Farmer ran 40 yards on kickoff coverage in 3.96 seconds, the fastest time the staff ever has recorded.

Pretty impressive!

These are the stories that I like to hear about!

Once Farmer gets settled into playing in real game situations he is going to be a terror.

That is something to think about, Farmer, Woods and Lee!