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Farmer on the cusp

I am glad Lane Kiffin burned George Farmer's redshirt....Farmer IS NOT staying the full five years at USC so cut him loose and see what he can do.

Farmer was a cats whisker to breaking one run to the house. A Cal defender tripped him up but you feel that he was on the move.

Farmer thought he was as well...

Running from the flat, all he had to do was make one tackler miss down the left sideline and he was likely gone for six -- a touchdown on only his second career touch.

And then, just as he turned the corner and turned on the jets, he fell, pulled down by Cal safety Sean Cattouse. And that ended those thoughts quickly.

"Man, all I saw was green grass," Farmer said after the game, recounting the sequence on the field. "And then I felt my foot get tipped and my feet got tangled up and I fell.

"I was really mad."

Farmer, a highly-touted prep receiver-turned-tailback who was the subject of much intrigue leading up to Thursday's game, finished the contest with just 18 total yards -- 14 on that catch and a total of four on his four carries. He also fumbled the ball late in the game near midfield, so he had even more reason to be mad.

The kid has some fire!

This Gardena-Serra pipeline that USC has WILL pay off in a huge way.

At this point I just want these kids to have fun and contribute as best they can. I am not worrying about how this team finishes...I just want to see the best effort put forward.

The next couple of years will have some exciting highlights...