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USC 30 - Cal 9

The defense did a pretty good job tonight.

Snatching 5 turnovers and some pretty good line play brought us some smiles tonight...hard to be disappointed with their performance.

The offense on the other hand was not firing on all cylinders. We once again saw the O-Line have difficulty getting some push to establish the run and give Barkley adequate protection. Woods was a non-factor.

And then there was Barkley...

He made some good decisions, but had also had a number of balls that went all over the place. I lost count at how many were just out of reach that could were sure scores.

USC took some significant injuries tonight as well, Tyler (shoulder), Brown (ankle/leg) and Lee (shoulder or wrist). We need to keep an eye on those.

More over the weekend.

Fire away...this is our post game thread.