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The NCAA passes on Auburn

The NCAA decided to let the Cam Newton/Aurburn issue go.

Not really surprising......The NCAA's claim is that they don't have any HARD evidence.

After conducting more than 80 interviews, the NCAA has concluded its investigation into Auburn University. The NCAA enforcement staff is committed to a fair and thorough investigative process. As such, any allegations of major rules violations must meet a burden of proof, which is a higher standard than rampant public speculation online and in the media. The allegations must be based on credible and persuasive information and includes a good-faith belief that the Committee on Infractions could make a finding. As with any case, should the enforcement staff become aware of additional credible information, it will review the information to determine whether further investigation is warranted.

Credible and persuasive evidence?


So, no hard evidence and they let Auburn off.

A cobbled together story that had more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese and they Hammer USC.

I'm not surprised, not shocked or upset. I totally expected it.

Feel free to fire away....