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USC's Defense will come back to haunt them...

The simple fact is Monte Kiffin's defense is ineffective for the college game.

It is easy to pile on here but the proof is in the film.

Monte's Tampa 2 is effective when you have the likes of John Lynch, Warren Sapp, Simeon Rice etc...but when you have talent less than that, we are seeing the results.

I hate to say it, but it is only going to get worse. Teams like Oregon and Stanford and maybe even Notre Dame are going to move up and down the field against this defense. It didn't look like we played more 6-7 guys on D-Line. So much for rotation. Two weeks in row this defense has given up over 40 points. That is not the USC defense we are (were) accustomed to...of course that defense was three years ago.

I hate to say it, but Galippo is just awful. His tackling is atrocious. He got burned on that one TD run by Arizona that was deep in 'SC territory. He missed a number of other tackles as well.

The offense can only rely on Barkley, Woods and Lee (what is Lee's injury?) for only so long. The running game is non-existent because the O-line couldn't stop air.

I want to be positive but the film don't lie...