Pure Hilarity!

This showed up in my inbox today from one of the Bruins Boards. My commentary is below each point.

UCLA going 4-8 was a good thing LONG TERM because it got rid of Bullough and Chow as coordinators.
(Right because Norm Chow is so bad and Slick Rick obviously is a great evaluator of coaching talent)

"Neu" has a plan, you might not see it, but he does. Shannon not being announced is part of the plan. Can't say why it is an advantage NOT announcing who your DC is days before NLOI day.
(Is it a different plan than what he has been implementing so far? We all see how that has been working for them. If true, not "announcing" Shannon until after LOI Day makes Slick Rick look like he is running some sort of Black Bag Op for the NSA. Just his luck that could blow up in his face. And why wait? If Shannon is out there recruiting for UCLA, if he hasn't yet been hired, would classify him as a I guess Slick is back up to his old tricks...Desperate!)

The team is loaded with talent and could afford to miss this year recruiting.
(We least on defense but Slick just can't coach them up...)

"Neu" remains the long term answer and solution to UCLA football.
(Uh, Huh...I hope they never fire him!!!)

You just can't make this stuff up!

Apparently this was supposedly written by a mod and not a general member. I don't visit those boards at all but this has been a solid source in the past so I ran with it.

Now that is some spin!

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