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NBA Great Oscar Robinson joins the O'Bannon lawsuit against the NCAA

Oh this is rich...

Oscar Robertson is asked to affix his autograph to various items every day and he recently discovered a new one being pushed in front of him by fans – trading cards featuring him as a player at the University of Cincinnati. Some come with a swath of his "game jersey" attached. Others have him in his freshman number, 22.

This was not a product he recalled approving for his likeness to be used. He tried calling the trading card companies (Upper Deck, Donruss) for an explanation yet couldn’t get a response.

The answer was the NCAA had signed licensing deals with the companies without Robertson’s direct consent. The association maintains it has the right to control a player’s likeness in perpetuity.

In the case of the 72-year-old Big O, that means 51 years and counting. He left UC in 1960.

"The arrogance of the NCAA to say, ‘we have the right to do this,’ … is what troubles me the most," Robertson told Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday. "The University of Cincinnati gets a fee each time my picture is used on a card. I don’t. When I played there, there was nothing like this ever agreed to."

Go figure.

Sooner or later the NCAA is going to get theirs...

Its only a matter of time.